Concrete Crack Repair

Epoxy Injection

In cracks requiring structural strength, epoxy is injected under pressure until the epoxy reaches the full depth of the slab. The epoxy hardens and provides structural strength. The slab strength is renewed to almost its original strength. This allows for equal movement on both sides of the crack.

Applications: Water and wastewater treatment, reservoirs, wells, manholes, tunnels, dams & parking garages.

Urethane Injection

Urethane crack injection is an effective way to seal cracks in a concrete structure to stop the flow of water. Urethane is also used for injection tubing systems, which are installed at concrete boundaries between new and old slabs.

In areas where water is leaking through the crack an expanding urethane resin is injected using pressures up to 1800 psi. This resin is water-activated and will expand until the crack is sealed.